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Improve your understanding of the body and its complexities through developing a coherent model so that you can accelerate results with your clients.


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The EVOLVE Mentorship Three-Step Process:


In a group setting we will Simplify the complexities of the human body and breakdown the information in a way that is easy to apply.


Systemize your model to make assessment and exercise decisions making seamless and effective.


Support your professional knowledge and connect you to a community of like-minded professionals.

The Goal of EVOLVE

My goal is to help you simplify the complexities of the body so that you can evolve your assessment and exercise selection model to maximize results with your clients.

With brand-new course content, a new line-up of incredible guest speakers, and 8 weekly 60-80 minute presentations, we will be discussing everything from respiration, gait, compensatory strategies, but more importantly practical application of these concepts.


Co-founder of Resilient Education 

Here's What To Expect In Your 8-Weeks With Us

Evolve your knowledge. Accelerate your results.

WEEK 1: Master The Fundamentals of Movement and Breathing

  • Discuss the importance of respiration as it relates to movement
  • Develop an understanding of dynamic systems theory and movement
  • Identify overarching first principles and neurological influence of movement and breathing
  • Understand the two strategies your body adopts

WEEK 2:  Build An Inside-out Perspective Of The Thorax and Pelvis

  • How shapes of the thorax and pelvis influence movement
  • Identify the important anatomical features of the thorax and pelvis
  • How respiration and gait can alter the movement
  • Adaptive strategies that influence movement and assessment 

WEEK 3: Uncover The Power Of Gait and Foot Mechanics In Your Assessment

  • Develop a model of the foot from a gait perspective
  • Discuss the two shapes of the foot during gait
  • Identifying how we can use specific aspects of the foot to understand what's going on at the pelvis
  • Determine how we can use gait to categorize exercises

WEEK 4: Master An Assessment Model That Accelerates Client Results

  • Break the common flaws commonly held assessment practices
  • Utilize the 8 measurements to create a complete framework of movement limitations
  • Learn exactly what information the assessment tests are providing and how they can provide an insight into programming
  • Identify how the influence of compensatory strategies on movement and assessment measurements 

Week 5: Discover How Compensatory Strategies Alter Movement and Programming Decisions

  • Identify common compensatory strategies that influence movement
  • Divide the compensatory strategies into a sequence of events to develop a model of the human body
  • Categorize exercises based on the compensatory strategies
  • Provide positions that help alter the shape of pelvis and thorax based on compensations

WEEK 6: Master The Exercise Selection Process And Programming 

  • Deep dive into the exercise selection process
  • Learn effective strategies to improve movement variability by manipulating physiological and neurological processes 
  • Efficient organization of a session to recapture movement and enhance fitness capabilities

WEEK 7: Advanced Programming Strategies

  • Identify programming principles based on compensatory strategies
  • Identify how to select the most effective exercise at the appropriate time.
  • Develop advanced exercise selection tools to navigate complex movement limitations

WEEK 8: Application of Model to Case Studies

  • Use the assessment process on case studies
  • Understand how to use analogous structures to gain an insight into multiple body segments
  • Introduction to exercise selection based on case studies and assessment measurements


Here’s What People Have Said About The EVOLVE Mentorship:


Kyle Dobbs 

“Alex is a coach and educator that I was really looking forward to learning from and the Evolve course did not disappoint! He takes you through biomechanics and training application in a way that is both easy to understand and immediately actionable, and I highly recommend this course to coaches looking to step their game up!"

Alex Kraszewski

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, UK

"I wanted to take Alex's mentorship after watching his webinar on Principle-Based Exercise Selection to get a greater understanding of how what I view as the 2nd generation of PRI-influenced models of movement and exercise. 
In 4 weeks, Alex managed to unpack a lot of complex information around biomechanics, assessment, interventions and programming, and provided an incredible amount of support to everyone in the group to learn at their own pace. I've gained a tonne of knowledge AND understanding to both use Alex's approach and further develop my own system as a healthcare professional to better help my clients with pain or movement problems. 
The interaction within the group remains frequent and consistent with everyone involved and this has been of huge benefit to have continuing support beyond the 4 weeks. If you want to better understand movement through this lens, I highly recommend you take Alex up on this mentorship opportunity!" 

Who is this for?

This mentorship is for trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and therapists who are interested in evolving their model of the human body to enhance assessment and exercise prescription results. 



Choose The Plan That's Best For You.


Here’s What People Have Said About The EVOLVE Mentorship:

Kyle Iguchi PT, DPT, CSCS

"I originally came across Alex’s EVOLVE mentorship after trying to guide myself down the rabbit holes of Postural Restoration Institute and Bill Hartman’s intensive model. I knew the stretch/strengthen approach to treating musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction was outdated and I needed to adopt an alternative approach.

The EVOLVE Mentorship has proven to be the much needed bridge to learning and actually being able to apply the expansion and compression model.

Alex has a natural gift as a teacher and is able to break down complex topics into simple, easy to understand bits, so that anyone can follow along. If you want to level up your understanding of the body, the mentorship is a no brainer."

Krista Roosa - CFSC

"I recently completed a 4 - week mentorship with resilient education. Alex Effer really knows his stuff!

He has a plethora of knowledge and input. The guest speakers that were lined up were truly amazing and each had a tie in to the totality of how the body functions and moves.

To say the information was mind-blowing is an understatement. There are concepts that just clicked and made instant “ah....why didn’t I think of that”!

I got into fitness and conditioning coaching about 7yrs years ago and have been full-time for almost 2. Definitely left with some great things to put into practice and continue to learn more about."

Ankoor Bhattacharjee, CSCS (India)

"Alex's mentorship program came to my life at the right time.

I've realized that during this lockdown, when everyone's lives have come to a standstill, it's the correct time for skill upgradation and knowledge increment.

The topics that I've learnt from the mentorship are very very new to me. It just blew my mind to think how the human body works. I'm still trying to get the pieces together, but I've loved each and every moment of the mentorship. My aim is to help as many people as possible, by implementing what I've learnt in the mentorship.

Alex has been a phenomenal teacher who answers all the questions with enthusiasm and patience.

He's also someone who explains things in a manner that everyone can understand. Another one, the way he makes his slides is simply incredible and has definitely caught my eyes.

Another advantage of this mentorship program is that I got to be friends with people who were absolute strangers before this program. Now, we've a study group of 10 such like minded people who want to help each other grow.

Looking forward to more such content from Alex and I wish him a very bright future."

Thomas Keenan

"Alex’s Evolve Mentorship was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself during my 12 years as a personal trainer. He is great at explaining super complex topics so that you can understand them, but also challenges you to think about them through your own lens of training. I enjoyed that he gave us practical ways to optimize common exercises most trainers use every day with clients based on their assessments. I highly recommend the Mentorship to any trainers or therapist no matter their level of experience."

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